The Benefits of BR1M to Millions of Malaysian Households

Despite criticisms and oppositions, the Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia or even BR1M program from the Malaysian government has provided a great deal of benefits to millions of Malaysian households. BR1M is a strategy of wellbeing distribution to poor Malaysian citizens in a form of cash assistance and help people deal with the rising cost of living in the country.This program was started in the year 2012 and has been continuously given every year on the citizens. In the year 2012 when such program was initially implemented, brim 2018 has helped greater than the number of goals which indicated its achievement. From then on, the government annually allocate funds for BR1M in the expectation of continuing its support to the marginalized people. At the moment, the BR1M 2017 has been dispersed, and the government has been preparing the BR1M 2018 as part of the funding for the next year.

Further, the benefits were extended to single unmarried persons aged 21 and over with cash assistance whose earnings are under RM2,000 per month.

Since the government planning for its next year’s funding, it had been already stated that BR1M 2018 will include 80,000 non-pensionable armed forces veterans over 60 years old will likely likely be included in the program.

Advertisement as the government continues to implement the BR1M each calendar year, additional beneficiaries are included, too every year in the program that could be of amazing help among Malaysian citizens.